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UV Flatbed Printer

    1. HT3116UV FR8 UV Flatbed Printer It is configured with 2-8 Ricoh grayscale piezoelectric print heads and can realize high speed printing with ultra precision in 6 colors and 1,200×1,200 dpi.
    1. HT3116UV FK5 UV Flatbed Printer Perfect for production mode of 24h×7 days, this printing machine only needs one operator for whole work process. Strong vacuum absorption platform firmly holds material of 100mm thick in place. In addition, this versatile UV flatbed printer is optionally designed with white ink and gloss paint print modes.
    1. HT3116UV FP14 UV Flatbed Printer In addition, this UV digital printer is one-man operated, compatible with production mode of 24h×7 days. Materials of 100mm thick or materials readily deformed by heating are firmly attached to platform thanks to super strong vacuum absorption mechanism.
    1. HT3116UV FG20 UV Flatbed Printer With 5-20 Ricoh grayscale piezoelectric print heads, it enables 5-color print with 720×1200 dpi high definition image quality at a speed of 60m2/h (6 pass). Hence, large-volume production can be completed efficiently.
    1. HT3116UV FK8 UV Flatbed Printer The 3.1x1.6m UV flatbed printer has an outstanding output capacity of 90m2/hr. with amazing high quality printing capabilities.

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