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HANDTOP is a high-tech enterprise specialized in development and production of digital UV printing equipment, and we successfully developed digital textile printing machine in February of 2013. Presently, our product range covers flatbed UV printer, hybrid printer and roll to roll printer, small format UV printer, wide format UV printer and other digital printing machines. Meanwhile, we are devoted to offering complete UV digital printing solutions for wood floor, suspended ceiling, home appliance panel, mobile phone shell, architectural decoration, and many other fields.
    1. HT1600UV HK4 Hybrid UV Printer

      This Kyocera-series hybrid UV printer is specially designed for high quality printing applications and can create excellent, high resolution prints. UV printers use low-heat LED lamps to print onto a wide range of materials, such as metallic and synthetic paper sheets.

    1. HT2500UV HK4 Hybrid UV Printer

      Our 2.5m Hybrid UV printer features a similar design to the 1.6m version but this model can perform printing operations on 2.5m printing mediums. This hybrid UV printer has a true native resolution of 1200 DPI for amazing, close view printing quality.

    1. HT1610UV FK4 Small Format UV Flatbed Printer

      This model of UV flatbed printer is a small format printing device that can create UV prints with outstanding resolution and other characteristics. The true native 1200 DPI printing is flawless and is suitable for any number of printing requirements.

    1. HT2512UV FK4 UV Flatbed Printer

      The 2.5x1.2m UV flatbed printer is an outstanding printing device that has a 1200 DPI printing resolution output. The high precision printing is possible thanks to Kyocera KJ4A printheads. In addition to the amazing quality, the UV printer also has an exceptional output capacity.

  • Why Us Our printer is designed in compliance with industrial standard, suitable for production mode of 24h×7days. Entire design is robust and high-quality.

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