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HT3116UV FP14

UV Flatbed Printer

Ideal for medium and large volume shops, the FP14 UV flatbed printer caters for high-speed industrial production demand. Equipped with 8-14 Spectra high-performance piezoelectric print heads, this printing press brings you prints in 6 colors and 600x1200 dpi high-definition image quality at a high speed of 50m2/h (6 pass).

The working platform of our UV flatbed printer comes with dual-grinding precision screw motion control system, thus both hard and flexible materials can be perfectly positioned. Repeat positioning accuracy reaches up to 0.02mm×0.02mm.

In addition, this UV digital printer is one-man operated, compatible with production mode of 24h×7 days. Materials of 100mm thick or materials readily deformed by heating are firmly attached to platform thanks to super strong vacuum absorption mechanism.

To better meet the requirement of customers, our UV flatbed printer is optionally available for white ink and gloss paint print modes.

1. High Precision
a. Max. resolution ratio: 1200×800 dpi
b. Guide beam moves stably and reliably since dual-grinding precision screw mechanism is adopted.
c. To ensure precision printing positioning, the UV flatbed printer makes use of fixed linear raster for positioning of print head trolley.
d. Material loading is easier and positioning is more accurate because of unique medium stop lever. Besides, repeat print is free from deviation.

2. High Speed
a. 6-pass bi-direction printing: 50m2/h
b. 8-pass bi-direction printing: 40m2/h
c. 12-pass bi-direction printing: 26m2/h

3. Multiple Functions
a. Max. material thickness: 100mm
b. Platform size: 3.1m (length) × 1.6m (width)
c. A large array of materials can be printed by our UV flatbed printer, such as the glass, acrylic, wood board, ceramic, metal plate, PVC board, corrugated board, the plastic, etc.
d. Color mode is determined by actual production demand.
e. 16 white ink print modes can be achieved by using this machine, including white ink over and under-printing, white substrate printing and pantone printing.
f. Max. load bearing capacity of printing platform: 50kg/m2 (in flat arrangement)

4. Humanized Design
Our UV flatbed printer is user friendly and human oriented.

5. Stable and Reliable Performance
Stable and reliable inkjet printing performance will make you more than surprised.

6. Eco-friendly
Eco-friendly UV-curable ink is free from VOC (volatile organic compound).

7. Wide Application Range
By using UV-curable ink, our printer can directly print on a multitude of materials. It is a good substitute for traditional screen printers in some processing fields, bringing prints of more colorful and vivid. Thus, it is especially fit for printing individualized products in fields of advertisement, decoration, photo studio, gift and toy.

Technical Parameters
Model HT3116UV FP14
Nozzle Spectra piezoelectric print head
Nozzle quantity 8-14
DPI 1200×800 dpi
Print speed 6 Pass 8 Pass 12 Pass
50m2/h 40m2/h 26m2/h
Platform size 3.1m×1.6m
Medium Rigid and flexible board materials
Medium thickness Max. 100mm
Ink Environment friendly UV-curable ink free from VOC
Ink color C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, W
Special ink UV white ink or UV transparent gloss paint
Input format Adobe Postscript Level 3, PDF, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, AI
Net weight 1800kg
Overall dimension 5.4m (length)×2.7m (width)×1.2m (height)
Power 6.5KW (32A)
Electrical requirement AC220V (±10%) single phase, 50/60Hz
Environmental requirement a. Independent, clean, less-dust, less-light, well-ventilated workshop
b. Ambient temperature: 18ºC-30ºC (64ºF-86ºF)
c. Relative humidity: 30%-70% (non-condensing)
d. Ventilating device: Overhead exhaust fan is recommended with 600cfm exhaust volume.
Certification CE, FCC
Note: The above parameters are subject to actual equipment and change without prior notice.
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