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HT1610UV FK4

Small Format UV Flatbed Printer

This model of UV flatbed printer is a small format printing device that can create UV prints with outstanding resolution and other characteristics. The true native 1200 DPI printing is flawless and is suitable for any number of printing requirements. The Kyocera KJ4A printhead guarantees the consistent quality of all printing applications.

Kyocera KJ4A Printhead:
Nozzle quantity: 2656
Physical Resolution: 300 DPI
Pico-liter: variable 4-6-10pL
Max operating frequency: 30 kHz
Effective printing width: 112mm

  • Kyocera Print Heads
    Variable dot, true greyscale imaging 4, 6, and 10pl-at a true native 1200 DPI.
  • Auto Height Detection System
    Automatically detects the height of the working medium up to 50mm thick and calibrates the print head distance for optical dot placement and image quality.
  • UV-curing Lamps/ LED (optional)
    Instant curing of the UV ink for fast production. Cures on both the left and right pass.
  • Top Printing Speed: Up to 30m2/hr.
    Engineered for high-quality printing yet has a blazing fast output speed with full bleed capacity.
  • Vacuum System
    Eliminates the need for manually zoning the table with scrap material. Allowing for easy setup of small batch printing.
  • Emergency Stop Switches.
    The user can stop the printer operation from either side of the device.
  • On Board Control Module
    Allows users to adjust printer settings for each ripped file, and make on-the-fly adjustments of ink and media settings, white ink workflow and physical printer settings. Theses settings can be saved and recalled for future operations.
  • Static Suppression
    Optional static suppression kit that eliminates static on the substrate.
  • Reversible printing function &repeat printing mode
    Reversible printing function allows the user to print in reverse so that the carriage doesn’t have to start over. The repeat printing mode allows the same images to be output repeatedly to save time.
  • Mechanical Pin Registration System
    Pin registration for accurate and consistent rigid media placement.
Technical Parameters
Model HT1610UV FK4
Print head Kyocera KJ4A
Quantity of printheads 2-4pcs (single row)
Resolution 1000*1200 DPI
Print mode unidirectional and bidirectional
Print speed 4 Pass 6 Pass 8 Pass
30 m2/h 20 m2/h 15 m2/h
Max media width 1.6m *1.0m
Max media thickness 100 mm
Media type Rigid and flexible materials
Ink environmental friendly UV curing ink (VOC free)
Ink color C, M, Y, K, W
Image format Adobe Postscript Level 3, PDF, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, AI
Machine size(L/W/H) 3100mm (length)*1700mm(width)*1300mm(height)
Machine weight 960KG
power consumption 32 A
Power supply 220VAC (±10%) single-phase, 50 / 60 Hz
Certification CE, FCC
RIP Support Seeget, Onyx and Caldera
UV curing Mercury vapor UV lamps, LED (optional)
Interface High Speed PCIE
Environment Separated workroom in good cleaning and ventilated condition
Temperature: 18ºC ~ 30ºC (64°F ~ 86°F )
Humidity: 40% ~ 70%
Ventilation: exhaust fan with the volume of 600 cfm
Note: the above technical parameters are variable in the actual equipment.
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