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Hybrid UV Printer

    1. HT3200UV HR8 Hybrid UV Printer This UV printer has the production speed up to 38 m2/h (6 PASS) and can excellently achieve the optimum balance of print speed and image quality.
    1. HT3200UV HP14 Hybrid UV Printer Fit for production mode of 24h×7 days, this printing press is one-man operated, making for high working efficiency. Super strong vacuum absorption platform firmly holds hard material of 50mm thick in place, saving you from worries.
    1. HT3200UV HG12 Hybrid UV Printer This UV inkjet printer can print with an ultra-fine print dot as small as 7pl or as large as 21pl. Besides, printing with 2pt font is also available.
      To ensure stable medium transmission, our hybrid UV printer takes advantage of precision harmonic wave reduction gear to drive conveying belt.
    1. HT3200UV HK8 Hybrid UV Printer The HT3200UV HK8 is part of our Kyocera-series of hybrid UV printers. The high quality printheads feature 2656 channels per head and can print in true grayscale multi-drop 4, 6 and 10 pL at a true native 1200 DPI print resolution.

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