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Hybrid UV Printer

    1. HT2500UV HR8 Hybrid UV Printer With the production speed up to 44 m2/h (4 PASS), this UV printer can perfectly achieve the optimum balance of print speed and image quality.
    1. HT2500UV HP8 Hybrid UV Printer It is configured with 4-8 Spectra high-performance piezoelectric print heads (PQ512-15/35), and enables high-precision and high-speed printing in 6 colors and with 600×1200 dpi. Under high printing speed of 28m2/h (6 pass), this UV printer presents high-definition image.
    1. HT2500UV HP14 Hybrid UV Printer This UV hybrid printer utilizes belt conveying system for medium moving, suitable for wallpaper, flex banner and other flexible and hard materials. Meanwhile, our hybrid UV printer is compatible with production
    1. HT2500UV HG12 Hybrid UV Printer Configured with 4-12 Ricoh grayscale piezoelectric print heads, this roll-to-roll printer maintains 6-color hi-def 720×1200 dpi image quality even at a printing speed up to 36m2/h (4 pass).
      Adaptive to production mode of 24h×7 days, our hybrid UV printer is one-man operated
    1. HT2500UV HK4 Hybrid UV Printer

      Our 2.5m Hybrid UV printer features a similar design to the 1.6m version but this model can perform printing operations on 2.5m printing mediums. This hybrid UV printer has a true native resolution of 1200 DPI for amazing, close view printing quality.

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