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HT2500UV HP14

Hybrid UV Printer

Specially designed for medium and large scale enterprises, the HP14 hybrid UV printer proudly serves customers in virtue of compact structure and high cost performance. We equip it with 8-14 high-performance piezoelectric print heads (PQ512-15/35), and thereby it can present 7-color 600X1200 dpi printing effects. Its high speed of 50m2/h is well matched with large-scale production.

This UV hybrid printer utilizes belt conveying system for medium moving, suitable for wallpaper, flex banner and other flexible and hard materials. Meanwhile, our hybrid UV printer is compatible with production mode of 24h×7 days, and only needs one operator for all operations, saving labor and cost.

Powerful vacuum absorption mechanism makes rigid materials of 50mm thick firmly attached to working platform. In addition, white ink and gloss paint print modes are optionally available. Therefore, this is really a versatile and multi-function printing machine.

1. High Precision
a. Max. resolution ratio: 1200×800 dpi
b. To ensure stable medium movement, our hybrid UV printer makes use of precision harmonic-wave reduction gear to drive the conveying belt.
c. High-precision printing is achieved as fixed linear raster is adopted for positioning of print head trolley.
d. Due to special-purpose medium stop lever, material loading is more convenient, and UV printing is more accurate.

2. High Speed
a. 6-pass bi-direction printing: 50m2/h
b. 8-pass bi-direction printing: 40m2/h
c. 12-pass bi-direction printing: 26m2/h
d. 16-pass bi-direction printing: 22m2/h

3. Multiple Functions
a. Max. material thickness: 50mm
b. Printing size: 2.5m (width) × 50.0m (length)
c. Our hybrid UV printer can be applied to a multitude of materials, such as the wallpaper, flex banner, glass, acrylic, wood board, ceramic, metal plate, PVC board, corrugated board, the plastic, etc.
d. Color modes:
CMYK × 2
CMYKLcLm × 2
e. This hybrid printer accommodates 16 printing modes (automatic white ink over and under-printing, white substrate printing and pantone printing, etc.), and can utilize 3 types of special gloss paint.
f. Max. load bearing capacity of printing platform: 50kg/m2 (in flat arrangement)

4. Humanized Design

The design of our printer is human-orientated, user-friendly. Specifically, it reflects in following respects:

1. Automatically detects the height of media up to 10mm thick and calibrates print heads distance for optimal dot placement and image quality.

2. Pin registration for accurate and consistent media placement.

3. Flatbed table with scale plate for parameter setting .

4. Mini-cart collision avoidance system effectively prevents damage of print heads.

5. UV lamp power comes with 3 adjustable settings.

6. Reverse the air flow to the table making heavy media easier to handle.

7. Individual 4-zone isolation system allows for easy setup of small batch printing.

8. Fast, simultaneous white ink spot, over and under-printing.

9. Internal UPS placement provides ample protection against the negative pressure that may be unleashed by power failures or unexpected shutdowns.

10. The auxiliary pump activates in the event of ink pump failure.

5. Stable and Reliable Performance

Our UV digital printer boasts superior stable performances, which can be incarnated in aspects as below:

(1) All our UV digital printers feature all-steel body and extruded aluminum table, which ensures enhanced stability and durability.
(2) Famous brand key parts are adopted. Included are IGUS towline cable from Germany, MEGADYNE synchronous belt from Italy, ROCKWELL serve motor from USA, NSK bearing, MISUMI lifting screw from Japan, and more.
(3) Optical fiber and PCI interface are adopted to achieve 1.25GB/s data communication and zero interference.
(4) For accurate and stable moving, our UV printers are equipped with grinding grade double screw rods and double straight line guides.

Our hybrid UV printer boasts stable quality and reliable performance.

6. Eco-friendly
Using eco-friendly UV-curable ink free from VOC (volatile organic compound), our hybrid UV printer does not generate pollution or harm.

7. Wide Application Range
As the UV-curable ink can be directly printed onto various kinds of materials, our hybrid UV printer has gradually taken the place of traditional outdoor advertising inkjet printers, and been widely used for home decoration. It is well fit for wallpaper and display card.

Technical Parameters
Model HT2500UV HP14
Nozzle Spectra high-performance piezoelectric print head (PQ512-15/35)
Nozzle quantity 8-14
DPI 1200×800 dpi
Print mode Uni-directional and bi-directional
Print speed 6 Pass 8 Pass 12 Pass
50m2/h 40m2/h 26m2/h
Medium width Max. 2.5m
Medium Rigid and flexible materials
Medium thickness Max. 50mm
Applicable medium Wallpaper, flex banner, glass, acrylic, wood board, ceramic, metal plate, PVC board, corrugated board, plastic, etc.
Ink Environment friendly UV-curable ink free from VOC, 3L/barrel
Ink color CMYKLcLm, flexible combination
Special ink White and clear vanish (Optional)
Input format Adobe Postscript Level 3, PDF, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, AI
Software interface Seeget, Onyx, Caldera
Net weight 1200kg
Overall dimension 130cm (height)×190cm (width)×480cm (length)
Power 6.5KW (32A)
Electrical requirement 220VAC (±10%) single phase, 50/60Hz
Environmental requirement a. Independent, clean, less-dust, less-light, well-ventilated workshop
b. Ambient temperature: 18ºC-30ºC (64ºF-86ºF)
c. Relative humidity: 30%-70% (non-condensing)
d. Ventilating device: Overhead exhaust fan is recommended with 600cfm exhaust volume.
Certification CE, FCC
Note: The above parameters are subject to actual equipment and change without prior notice.
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