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Hybrid UV Printer

    1. HT1600UV HG7 Hybrid UV Printer Boasting the high print speed up to 18 m2/h (4 PASS), this UV printer can also meet your high-precision and individualized production needs.
    1. HT1600UV HR4 Hybrid UV Printer HT1600UV HR4 is a dual-purpose and multifunctional hybrid UV printer which is specially designed for small and medium processing enterprises. Configured with 2-4 Ricoh grayscale piezoelectric print heads, it is able to realize high speed printing with ultra precision in 6 colors and 1,200×1,200 dpi.
    1. HT1600UV HK4 Hybrid UV Printer

      This Kyocera-series hybrid UV printer is specially designed for high quality printing applications and can create excellent, high resolution prints. UV printers use low-heat LED lamps to print onto a wide range of materials, such as metallic and synthetic paper sheets.

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