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HT1600UV HR4

Hybrid UV Printer

HT1600UV HR4 is a dual-purpose and multifunctional hybrid UV printer which is specially designed for small and medium processing enterprises. Configured with 2-4 Ricoh grayscale piezoelectric print heads, it is able to realize high speed printing with ultra precision in 6 colors and 1,200×1,200 dpi. Boasting the high print speed up to 24 m2/h (4 PASS), this UV printer can also meet your high-precision and individualized production needs.

Our hybrid UV printer is equipped with belt conveying control system for mobile media, such as wallpaper, flex banner, and other flexible and light-duty rigid media. It is particularly used for 24×7 production mode and only requires one operator for all operations, which can largely save labor and cost for your production. Moreover, as our printers has the powerful vacuum absorption mechanism, almost all the rigid media with the maximum thickness of 50mm can be firmly absorbed on the printing platform.

Technical Parameters
Model HT1600UV HR4
Nozzle Ricoh Gen5 grayscale piezoelectric print head
Nozzle quantity 2-4
DPI 1,200×1,200 dpi
Print mode Uni-directional and bi-directional
Print speed 4 Pass 6 Pass 8 Pass
24 m2/h 19 m2/h 13 m2/h
Medium width Max.1.6m
Medium Rigid and flexible media
Medium thickness Max. 50 mm
Applicable medium Wallpaper, flex banner, glass, acrylic, wood board, ceramic, metal plate, PVC board, corrugated board, plastic, etc
Ink Environment- friendly UV curable ink free from VOC, 3L/barrel
Ink color C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, W, flexible combination
Special ink UV white ink and varnish (Optional when there is no LcLm)
Input format Adobe Postscript Level 3, PDF, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, AI
Software interface Seeget, Onyx, Caldera
Net weight 850kg
Overall dimension 130 cm(height) × 87 cm(width)× 310 cm (length)
Power 4.5 KW (32A)
Electrical requirement 220VAC (±10%) single phase, 50/60Hz
Environmental requirement a. Independent, clean, less-dust, less-light, well-ventilated workshop
b. Ambient temperature: 18ºC-30ºC (64ºF-86ºF)
c. Relative humidity: 30%-70% (Non-condensing)
d. Ventilating device: Overhead exhaust fan is recommended with 600 cfm exhaust volume
Certification CE, FCC
Note: The above parameters are subject to actual requirement and change without prior notice.

1. Ultra Precision
a. The 2-4 Ricoh grayscale piezoelectric print heads can realize variable ink droplet printing, ranging from Min.7pl to Max.21pl; the printed image can be as precision as photo is; the 2pt typeface can be clearly printed.
b. Max. resolution ratio: 1,200×1,200 dpi
c. The smooth and steady movement of medium is guaranteed by the conveying belt, which is driven by the precision harmonic wave reduction gear
d. The precision positioning of hybrid printing is ensured by the print head trolley, which is accurately positioned by the fixed linear raster
e. Our unique medium stop lever allows easier loading and more precise positioning

2. High Speed
a. 4 PASS bi-directional printing: 24 m2/h
b. 6 PASS bi-directional printing: 19 m2/h
c. 8 PASS bi-directional printing: 13m2/h

3. Multiple Functions
a. Max. media thickness: 50 mm
b. Printing size: 1.6 m (width) × unlimited length
c. Various suitable media: Wallpaper, flex banner, glass, acrylic, wood board, ceramic, metal plate, PVC board, corrugated board, plastic, etc
e. Capable of automatically accomplishing 16 white-ink printing modes, such as white ink over and under-printing, white substrate printing and pantone printing
f. Max. bearing capacity of printing platform: 50kg/m2 (in flat arrangement)
g. The ultra powerful vacuum absorption mechanism can make media firmly absorbed on the printing platform; and the media susceptible to thermal deformation are particularly applicable.

4. Humanized Design
a. The automatic medium thickness measurement and auto height detection system both use a closed loop control method, which can automatically adapt to media with different thickness to avoid damage caused by human errors
b. Our hybrid UV printer has the automatic function to identify and avoid the blank part in the picture, which significantly improves the production efficiency
c. The irradiation power of the two UV/LED lamps can be set to rotate by turns according to the back and forth direction when bidirectional printing, which can effectively reduce the depth of the pass banding.
d. The powerful nozzle compensation function allows functioning nozzle to replace the failed nozzle to continue the ink-jet printing, ensuring that the printed picture does not have banding or the pass banding.
e. Our UV printers is equipped with powerfully functional, intelligent and user-friendly RIP software, such as SEEGET, CALDERA and ONYX, which can enable the overlapped different pictures to successfully output, greatly facilitating the daily work of color proofing and substantially improving the output efficiency of pictures.
f. The mechanical pin registration system facilitates the loading and unloading.
g. Independent white ink negative pressure & circulation system effectively prevents the white ink print head from blockage.
h. The carriage’s anti-collision system can automatically stop when come into contact with the medium, which can protect the trolley and print heads.

5. Stable and Reliable Performance
a. Our whole series of digital printing equipment is designed in accordance with the production mode of 24×7; we have adopted a variety of durable components in line with the requirements of industrial production, especially the industrial Ricoh grayscale piezoelectric print heads, which can be used for 3-5 years if carefully maintained.
b. The control panel is installed with high-speed and stable Lenovo workstation; the system platform is installed with the WINDOWS system featuring smooth running and low maintenance.
c. Our UV printer has stable and reliable overall steel frame structure and dual gantry beam structured steel beam, which can effectively guarantee quick, smooth and steady printing process.
d. There are IGUS towline, AB servo motor and MEGADYNE step belt, which all ensure that the system is in stable and reliable long-term operation.
e. Our hybrid printers is equipped with emergency stop that to guarantee the safety of both operator and equipment.
f. With emergency backup power, our UV printing machine can still maintain the negative pressure system and its proper functioning when the main engine has suddenly loses power; correspondingly, our printer will quickly restore the working state when there is electricity.

6. Ink Saving Up to 30%-50%
Our hybrid printer has Ricoh grayscale piezoelectric print head which can realize variable ink droplet printing. Its 4-color printing can reach the same effect with that of 6-color printer without grayscale print head whose ink droplet is in the same size no matter the image is in light or dark color. Therefore, when the image color is relatively light, it is only because the light color ink (Lc, Lm) is output relatively less. However, for the grayscale piezoelectric print head, the ink droplet can be output in different sizes in accordance with different colors. It will output 21pl to print the dark-colored part of image, 14pl for light-colored part, and 7pl for very light-colored part. It means that the dark-colored ink can be output relatively less to achieve optimal printing effect.


7. Eco-Friendly
Our hybrid UV printer makes full use of the environment-friendly UV curable ink free from VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) - the new trend in the future!

8. Wide Application Range
Using the eco-friendly UV curable ink that can directly print on all kinds of media, our UV printer can thoroughly replace the conventional outdoor advertising ink-jet printer and extensively be applied to indoor and outdoor decorations, such as wallpaper, displays in public places, etc.

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