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Comparison of Different UV Flatbed Printers
HANDTOP HT2512 UV flatbed printer XX UV flatbed printer HANDTOP advantages
Print head Spectra 512 steel print head Konica 512 plastic print head Our print head is robust, durable, maintenance-friendly and interference-free, best fit for industrial application. Its cost price and service life are respectively twice and third times more than its rival.
Operating frequency: 40000 times/s Operating frequency: 12000 times/s The speed of our print head is 2.5 times more than that of its competitor.
Service life: 3 years for normal use Service life: 1 year for normal use Usage consumption is largely reduced.
Ink droplet speed: 8m/s Ink droplet speed: 6m/s Our printer can print on uneven or deformed materials (5mm thick).
Capacity: 28m2/h Capacity: 8m2/h You can see that the capacity of our product is more than 3 times more than our competitor.
Hardware Steel structure, steel beam, double linear guide rails Single linear guide rail Our machine comes with high strength, and there is no abrasion. Thus, print quality will not be affected.
Print platform is made from aluminum profile, the surface of which is treated with hard anodizing. PVC board + iron plate With load bearing capacity of 50kg/m2, our platform is rust-proof and not easily deformed. Yet, the structure of PVC board + iron plate can be readily deformed, thus affecting print effect.
Feeding and blanking auxiliary device No This device saves time, improves efficiency and guarantees that prints come in alignment.
Lenovo computer (2.7G, dual-core processor, 2G) Assembled computer Our computer features strong compatibility, high stability and reliability.
Industrial standard PCI card data transmission USB interface Strong anti-interference performance, dead halt will not occur during printing
UPS power supply No Print head can continuously work, and its life is extended.
Independent maintenance Overall maintenance The print head can be individually cleaned once clogged, thus saving ink.
Automatic medium thickness measuring and trolley height regulating system Manual measurement Fast adaptability to medium
Precision double screws, double servo motors, 4 sets of motion servo control system Belt transmission, 2 sets of motion servo control system Repeat print precision reaches 0.05mm, and print precision when belt transmission is used reaches 2mm.
Spare pump No Spare pump starts when the pump in use is failed, thus improving working efficiency.
American AB servo motor, Italian Megadyne belt, German IGUS wire cable Panasonic motor More stable and precision
software Automatic template alignment No No dislocation.
Image adjustment or test is unnecessary if you want to print on missed medium, and you can just directly choose the number of area requiring print.
Output file is adaptive to all image format, such as EPS, AI, JPG, TIF, PDF, PNG, etc. Only TIF Image can be directly printed without format conversion, thus avoiding color and data loss.
Automatic setting for print head cleaning No Print head will not readily be blocked.
Ultra-strong white ink and gloss paint print function Simple function Printing on colored medium is realizable, and image color will not be affected by base color of medium.
Production line printing mode, automatic fan on and off, automatic timing No Suitable for automatic industrial production
Overall advantages Our printer is designed in compliance with industrial standard, suitable for production mode of 24h×7days. Entire design is robust and high-quality. Material cost is 120,000-150,000 CNY more than the XX printer. Meanwhile, our accessories are provided at favorable price to help you in usage cost reduction.
With proprietary intellectual property rights and world-class R&D team, HANDTOP is competent in satisfying requirements of customers and offering individualized tailored services.
Our product is superior to other similar products in respect of stability, reliability, consistency of prints, and cost performance as well.

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