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Starting global marketing in 2011, HANDTOP is devoted to development, production and sales of UV digital printer, and also offers industry leading UV digital printing solutions for global customers. Sited at Shenzhen, one of the most developed cities of China, HANDTOP enjoys great popularity in a great variety of countries and regions including the North America, Europe, the Middle East, South Africa and Southeast Asia. The brand is known for its high performance, enhanced reliability, competitive price, and thoughtful service.

As a high-tech enterprise with proprietary intellectual property rights, we have constantly adhered to core values of creditability, cooperativeness and reciprocity. Presently, we are manned by a premium R&D team consisting of more than 20 workers, and own a multitude of intellectual property patents and invention patents.

HANDTOP has successfully developed 6 series of printers to maximally meet different usage demands, including the HT2512 series UV flatbed printer, HT2500 series hybrid UV printer, HT3200 series hybrid UV printer, HT1610 series small format UV flatbed printer, HT3116 series UV flatbed printer, etc. Besides, our digital textile printing machine was launched on the market in February of 2013.

On the other hand, core control system and management system of products are independently developed by HANDTOP. And we also own software copyrights, including the printing control program of Ricoh, Polaris and Kyocera print heads as well as the drive program of RIP software. To better promote development of all interested parties, we have signed OEM cooperation agreement with Ricoh and Kyocera.

Product Superiorities
1. Top-Grade Configurations
After configured with Kyocera print head, our printer is more like a combination of high speed and high precision, with production speed of up to 74m2/h. In addition, it integrates a world of advanced configurations, such as optical fiber transmission system for high color accuracy, PCI data transmission system for interference resistance, standalone cable carrier holder for vibration resistance, isolator in case of mutual interference of strong and weak currents, etc. Besides, Softcon data processing technique is also utilized to lower color difference.

2. Strict Production
All products are made from high-quality materials, incorporated by one-piece welded steel frame, dual-guide-rail steel beam, all-in-one metal platform, IGUS cable carrier, Fuji motor, Taiwan lead screw, inflatable shaft, and other components. We implement rigorous quality inspection for all production procedures. The tolerance values for platform flatness as well as linear guide rail flatness and parallelism are respectively controlled within 0.03mm, 0.001mm and 0.002mm.

3. Rigorous Test
We make use of advanced testing equipment to ensure each set of machine is 100% qualified. Specifically, aging tests for UV lamp and electrical circuit board are properly performed.

4. User-friendly Design
a. Automatically detects the height of media up to 10mm thick and calibrates print heads distance for optimal dot placement and image quality
b. Pin registration for accurate and consistent media placement
c. Flatbed table with scale plate for parameter setting
d. Mini-cart collision avoidance system effectively prevents damage of print heads
e. UV lamp power comes with 3 adjustable settings
f. Reverse the air flow to the table making heavy media easier to handle
g. Individual 4-zone isolation system allows for easy setup of small batch printing
h. Fast, simultaneous white ink spot, over and under-printing
i. Internal UPS placement provides ample protection against the negative pressure that may be unleashed by power failures or unexpected shutdowns.
j. The auxiliary pump activates in the event of ink pump failure.

HANDTOP supplies a wide range of services regarding accessories, maintenance and repair, consultation, investment, training, program delivery, etc. We will also continuously expand product to satisfy different application.

Relying on technical innovation and inherent cost advantage, our brand influence has expanded all over the world, and currently, HANDTOP unswervingly embarks on the road of developing single-pass digital printer.

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