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UV Flatbed Printer Solution in the Wood Floor Field

To successfully apply our UV digital printer to wood floor field, HANDTOP team spends more than 1 year solving application bottleneck problem, together with Shunde Wood Floor Factory.

Properly solving the problems of pre-coating technique, abrasion resistance and adhesive force of UV-curable ink becomes the key challenges we should first overcome. In the meantime, as the wood floor comes in large size, specialized automatic image cutting and splicing software is very essential. Additionally, zero error is required after onsite splicing of prints.

Hardware Configuration
A. HT2512 series FP8 UV flatbed printer
B. Specialized template for floor printing

Software Configuration
Specialized software for floor printing

Main Process Flow
1. Floor bottom surface is treated with coating and moisture proof processing.

2. Floor top surface is processed with white base coating and anti-wear treatment.

3. Individualized pattern is printed.

4. After treated with covering, anti-wear processing and flatness modifying, the wood floor is stored.

Note: The abovementioned first, second and forth crafts are necessary work flow for manufacturing common wood floor. The third craft is independently completed by HANDTOP UV digital printer.

The wood floor manufactured by Shunde Wood Floor Factory through utilizing our UV digital printer has been widely applied in schools, basketball courts, hotels and other places. With further popularization and application, this kind of original wood floor will be well known to every household.

Shunde Wood Floor Factory manufactures wood floor by combining UV digital printing and paint coating technologies. Through printing images on intermediate coat, the wood floor is enhanced in wear resistance and surface hardness, and thereby is more individualized on the present laminate floor market.

Meanwhile, this kind of creative wood floor brings about more than 100% additional value, and the factory price of which is 100-120 CNY (per square meter) more than common laminate floor.

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