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UV Flatbed Printer Solution in the Mobile Phone Shell Field

In 2011, HANDTOP successfully developed high-precision HT2512 series FG12 UV flatbed printer. Adopting high-grade grayscale print head, this printing machine enables to print with ultra-fine print dot of 7pl to 21pl to achieve high definition, which also means that our printer is capable of printing smaller and more delicate products like mobile phone shell.

In virtue of high printing precision and advanced template printing technology, HANDTOP is undoubtedly the perfect provider of mobile phone shell printing solution.

Hardware Configuration
A. HT2512 series FG12 UV flatbed printer
B. Specialized template for mobile phone shell printing

Software Configuration
Specialized software for mobile phone shell printing

Main Process Flow
Please send email to sales1@handtoptech.com for detailed scheme. Cost and profit analysis, support equipment as well as specific work flow are included.

General process:
A. White base coating on the external surface of shell
B. Individualized pattern printing, including stereoscopic pattern
C. Cleaning, UV gloss paint coating, solidifying

This mobile phone shell printed by our UV flatbed printer can be applied to iPhone 4, laptop and other electronic products.

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