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UV Flatbed Printer Solution in the Suspended Ceiling Field

Similar to wood floor, suspended ceiling also features large size. HANDTOP needs to undertake image cutting and onsite installation, and also to ensure zero error after installation. Apart from these challenges, we are also faced with one hot potato that is how to avoid the ceiling from being scratched during installation. After careful study and experiment, we discover that improving the adhesive force of UV-curable ink is the best solution.

Hardware Configuration
A. HT2512 series FP8 UV flatbed printer
B. Specialized template for ceiling printing

Software Configuration
Specialized software for ceiling printing

Main Process Flow
1. Individualized pattern printing
Picture loading → template selection → automatic printing → numbering → storing
2. Storing for packaging after forming

Note: The abovementioned first craft is accomplished by our UV digital printer.

With successful printer application in a world of suspended ceiling factories, the creative suspended ceiling has been extensively used in hotels, families, offices, entertainment venues, and many other places.

By utilizing our UV digital printer to directly print images on suspended ceiling, Shenzhen Haisheng realizes product value increase, and the factory price of each square meter of suspended ceiling is increased by 60-80 CNY. In the meantime, Haisheng is highly praised and brand popularity is promoted, which also boosts sales of other products.

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