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UV Flatbed Printer Solution in the Household Appliance Panel Field

HANDTOP makes great efforts to promote printer application in the household appliance panel field. After two years of hard work, we have become the top brand in this field, supplying equipment for Midea, Haier, Gree, Galanz and other world-famous enterprises.

Through cooperating with HANDTOP, you can set up a complete set of stained glass production line including glass screen printer, glass IR dryer, glass washer, UV digital printer, transparent gloss oil for screen printing, mirror-like silver for screen printing, white oil for screen printing, diluent for screen printing, screen printing plate and other configurations.

Hardware Configuration
HT2512 series FG12 UV flatbed printer

Software Configuration
Standard configuration

Main Process Flow
For detailed scheme, please send email to info@handtoptech.com. Cost and profit analysis, support equipment as well as specific work flow are included.

Generally, the glass, after washing, will be processed with conveying, printing, drying, re-conveying, cooling and other crafts. Then, the machine set will be combined with our UV flatbed printer to form a production line, and same crafts will be performed again. Finally, production of stained glass is finished, and end products totally conform to the test standard of household appliance panel field.

The panel produced by utilizing our UV flatbed printer is widely applied to refrigerators, air conditioners, microwave ovens and other household appliances. HANDTOP feels proud that 80% of household appliance panels on the current market are manufactured by our equipment.

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